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Oregon Zoo staff infected by tuberculosis after exposure to infected elephants
Seven staff at the Oregon Zoo were infected with tuberculosis following an outbreak starting in 2013 among three bull elephants – Packy, his son Rama and Tusko. The seven people who developed a latent form of the disea...
2016-01-10   Portland, United States Category: medical

Oregon Zoo euthanizes 31-Year-Old Elephant
On Monday, the Oregon Zoo euthanized a 31-year-old elephant named Rama. The zoo officials took this hard decision as Rama was in extreme pain due to an old leg injury. Rama was treated with physical therapy techniques and ant...
2015-03-31   Portland, United States Category: death

Medicating two Oregon Zoo elephants for tuberculosis challenges veterinarian and keepers
Mitch Finnegan said Wednesday that Rama, who started treatment about three weeks ago, began rejecting the oral portion of his drugs on Saturday. Packy´s treatment stopped one day after it started about 10 days ago becau...
2013-08-16   Portland, United States Category: medical

Portland Zoo elephant Rama tests positive for TB
The male elephant tested positive for the illness last week. The zoo routinely tests all its elephants for TB by taking an annual trunk culture (collecting fluid from the animal’s trunk and sending it to a certified laborat...
2013-06-02   Portland, United States Category: medical

Rent an elephant for Rs.75,000 a day this season
Elephant owners in the state have increased the daily rentals of their elephants as temples in the state have ushered into this year’s festival season. They, however, justify the hike in rentals citing a variety of factors ...
2011-03-20   Kochi, India Category: misc

State Bank of India (SBI) has adopted two Asian elephants from Mysore Zoo
State Bank of India (SBI) has adopted two Asian elephants from Mysore Zoo. SBI Chief General Manager Arundhati Bhattacharya handed over a cheque for Rs. 3,19,140 to Zoo Executive Director Vijay Ranjan Singh last evening for t...
2009-10-11   Mysore, India Category: event

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