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Sombo in Phnom Penh is retired
On Monday 30th January 2012, Louise Rogerson from EARS, Mr Sin Sorn’s son and their mahout, walked Sombo throughout the night when the roads were quiet to her new home in Sen Sok district, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. T...
2012-01-31   Phnom Penh, Cambodia Category: relocation

What’s Sambo’s future?
Sambo’s health has become a matter of controversy which has brought her owner into negotiations with the Forestry Administration of Cambodia and wildlife NGO Elephant Asia Rescue and Survival Foundation (EARS) to find a sol...
2012-01-06   Phnom Penh, Cambodia Category: welfare

Visit to Sambo in Phnom Penh 14 December 2011
Went to the area opposite the Australian Embassy and met Sin Sorn and Sambo, it looks almost idyllic. When you get close, the picture changes. Numerous abcesses, and she keep the worst foot lifted all the time. Her nails had ...
2011-12-17   Phnom Penh, Cambodia Category: blog

What can be done for the elephant Sambo in Phnom Penh?
Of course noone wants Sambo to suffer anymore, including her owner, Sin Sorn in Phnom Penh. What can be done for Sambo? I want to stress, that she can not be viewed only as an elephant, shes a vicitm of so many pathological i...
2011-12-17   Phnom Penh, Cambodia Category: blog

Sambo at temple Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
I had already from Internet collected information about the female asian elephant Sambo, which were used daily for tourist rides around the temple Wat Phnom, by her owner, Sin Sorn since 1993. Sin Sorn also claims a romantic...
2011-12-16   Phnom Penh, Cambodia Category: blog

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