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DNA research supports captive breeding programmes in zoos
Researchers from the Animal Breeding and Genomics group at Wageningen University & Research now join forces with studbook keepers from Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) by performing DNA research to facilitate proper manage...
2020-09-29   Rotterdam, Netherlands Category: research

Elephant born in Rotterdam Zoo
Rotterdam´s Blijdorp Zoo has announced the welcome addition of another elephant. The calf weighed in at 75 kilograms which zoo authorities say is "on the small side". Despite this, the baby was up on its feet and suckli...
2010-07-21   Rotterdam, Netherlands Category: birth

Unborn elephant in Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo) probably dead
The unborn child of elephantmother Irma of Zoo Blijdorp isn't likely to live anymore. Employees of the zoo in Rotterdam were counting of a birth around the Christmas and New Year days, but they think the calf is dead by now. ...
2008-01-02   Rotterdam, Netherlands Category: birth

Art project vandalised in Rotterdam. A painted elephant sculpture, part of an art project to raise money for threatened elephants in Thailand and India, was vandalised on Sunday night.
One of some 30 elephant sculptures embellishing the centre of Rotterdam was badly vandalised late Sunday night. As yet unidentified persons pulled the painted elephant from its pedestal causing the legs to break. Holes were a...
2007-09-04   Rotterdam, Netherlands Category: misc

Asian elephant bull Alexander relocated from Rotterdam Zoo Netherlands, to Antwerp Zoo, Belgium.
The bull Alexander born 1978 in Ramat Gan Zoo Israel (Motek x Warda) was relocated 17th April with police escort from Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam to three waiting females in Antwerp Zoo. All three cows are proven breeder...
2007-04-18   Rotterdam, Netherlands Category: relocation

Rotterdam elephants moving to Dublin
Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam announced on Wednesday that three of its elephants will be moved to Ireland this year. The herd in Rotterdam zoo is so large the management decided on a 'vertical' split of the group. The three fema...
2006-02-22   AMSTERDAM, Netherlands Category: relocation

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