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Do India’s Elephants Really Need Birth Control?
If you go by the country’s first ever synchronised Elephant Census conducted in 2017, there are 27,312 elephants across 23 states. The 10-year project to develop an immunocontraceptive was approved in 2017, with a budget of...
2019-08-29   Delhi, India Category: conservation

Roadless Wilderness Area Determines Forest Elephant Movements in the Congo Basin
A dramatic expansion of road building is underway in the Congo Basin fuelled by private enterprise, international aid, and government aspirations. Among the great wilderness areas on earth, the Congo Basin is outstanding for ...
2008-11-01   Bronx, New York, United States Category: abstract

COMMENTARY: The Plight of the Elephant. It's not only poaching that is bringing pachyderm populations to their knees.
The International Elephant Foundation, a nonprofit corporation working to support the long-term survival of elephants, has announced a slew of new conservation initiatives. The IEF uses its resources to fund a variety of nati...
2008-04-09   Connecticut, United States Category: conservation

Zoo Support for Elephant Conservation Hits Record Levels
The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) today announced their support for 15 new elephant conservation projects for 2008, marking a record level of support. "Elephants all over the world need our help," said IEF President...
2008-03-06   Silver Spring, United States Category: conservation

Did dinosaurs ever roam the Q-C?
Scientists also have found fossils from long after the dinosaur era, the early part of what is sometimes referred to as the Age of Mammals — including the skull and tusks of a mastodon, which looked sort of like an elephant...
2008-03-02   Quad City, United States Category: fossil

Orissa: Elephants fall prey to human activity
Two female elephants were killed when a goods train rammed into them in Orissas Keonjhar district. Two other elephants of the herd trying to cross a railway track have been injured. The track falls on the usual migratory rout...
2007-09-20   Keonjhar, India Category: death

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