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Old Male Elephants Are Still Important, Scientists Say
Old male elephants might have an important role to play in helping younger males learn to navigate their environment, according to scientists at the University of Exeter, who watched groups of male African savannah elephants ...
2020-09-21   London, United Kingdom Category: research

Unimaginable horror as helicopter-borne poachers massacre 22 elephants before hacking off their tusks and genitals.
In a scene of inconceivable horror, these slaughtered elephant carcasses show the barbaric lengths poachers will go to in their hunt for nature´s grim booty. The bodies were among a herd of 22 animals massacred in a hel...
2012-04-25   Garamba National Park, Congo Category: poaching

Pain of translocation
A team led by David Jachowski from the University of Missouri detected high levels of chronic stress in elephants relocated to three South African nature reserves. In some cases, these had occurred more than 10 years ago, and...
2012-03-04   Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Category: research

Population and individual elephant response to a catastrophic fire in Pilanesberg National Park.
In predator-free large herbivore populations, where density-dependent feedbacks occur at the limit where forage resources can no longer support the population, environmental catastrophes may play a significant role in populat...
2008-09-17   Durban, South Africa Category: abstract

An Elephant Crackup?
Were not going anywhere, my driver, Nelson Okello, whispered to me one morning this past June, the two of us sitting in the front seat of a jeep just after dawn in Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda. We’d ...
2006-10-08   Los Angeles, United States Category: wild

Technology takes sting out of jumbo burns
The plight of the elephants burned in runaway fires in the Pilanesberg National Park at the end of last month has captured the hearts of South Africans. This week, as their fate hung in the balance with several calls for them...
2005-10-23   Pilanesberg, South Africa Category: medical

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