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Exodus Burma: The British Escape through the Jungles of Death 1942-43 by Felicity Goodall
Now Yorkshire survivors of a wartime exodus of half a million people from Burma have seen their stories told in a newly published book Exodus Burma – The British Escape Through the Jungles of Death 1942 by Felicity Goodall....
2012-01-11   Yorkshire, United States Category: book

Gyles Mackrell's 1942 footage shows how he led rescue of refugees from the Japanese invasion of Burma
Mackrell, a 53-year-old tea exporter in the Indian province of Assam, hurried the convoy of about 20 elephants and their handlers to the river – a journey of more than 100 miles through jungle, braving leeches – in less t...
2011-11-26   Cambridge, United Kingdom Category: people

Kholmogory Bone Carving
Since long ago dwellers of the Russian North procured seal bones and walrus tusks in the polar seas and gathered fossil mammoth bones on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. The bone carvings from Kholmogory were notable for excel...
2009-10-13   Moscow, Russian Federation Category: fossil

Raja is still king of the zoo at 15
The zoo is inviting the public to celebrate Raja's 15th birthday at 11 a.m. Dec. 27 by singing "Happy Birthday" and watching him pose for pictures and receive gifts. Raja made history in 1992 as the first Asian elephant born ...
2007-12-20   St. Louis, United States Category: event

Winning name for the St. Louis Zoo's new elephant calf: Jade
Grandmother Pearl must be so proud: Voters have chosen Jade as the name for the St. Louis Zoo's new elephant calf. "This baby is this beautiful little jewel," said St. Louis Zoo President Jeffrey Bonner. "So Jade is a pretty ...
2007-03-08   St. Louis, United States Category: event

St. Louis Elephant Rani still feels distant from new calf
St. Louis Zoos new Asian elephant mother, Rani, is experiencing difficulty adjusting to the role, according to a news release Tuesday. This kind of behavior is not uncommon with first-time mothers, said Martha Fischer, the zo...
2007-02-28   ST. LOUIS, United States Category: misc

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