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Researchers studying elephants for clues to hearing impairment
The huge bull elephant nicknamed "Marlon Brando" loped over to the water hole, big ears flapping in the breeze. Buried in the sandy soil nearby, switched off at the moment, sat a device probably never before known in this rem...
2007-07-20   Etosha, Namibia Category: research

Elephant Protection Act Explores Condition Of Captive Elephants
Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, will conduct a town hall meeting Wednesday at which he and animal activists will discuss their concerns about conditions in which elephants are held in captivity and the reintroduction of...
2006-12-13   LOS ANGELES, United States Category: welfare

Stumpy and Mamma are packing their trunks. Lion Country Safari moving two elephants to others places in U.S.
After 25 years at Lion Country Safari, the peaceful pachyderms are moving to other elephant-friendly places in the United States. They've been the only African elephants for the public to see in Broward, Palm Beach and Martin...
2006-10-02   Loxahatchee, Florida, United States Category: relocation

Woodland Park Zoo Elephants: Space case
Seattle's elephants receive great care, but that's not enough. They deserve more space. A controversy over the future of one of the zoo's elephants, Bamboo, provides a window into the questions Seattle's political leadership ...
2006-05-17   Seattle, United States Category: facility

L.A. Zoo needs to give its elephants a break
The growing national debate over zoos' ability to adequately provide for elephants demonstrates wide public concern about current conditions for Earth's largest land mammal. Now the controversy has landed in Los Angeles. The ...
2005-09-28   Les Schober, United States Category: facility

Bamboo joins elephant herd at Point Defiance Zoo
Bamboo, an Asian elephant, has arrived safely at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. She is settling into her new surroundings in the Asian Forest Sanctuary. The 38-year-old elephant was transported by air-conditioned truck Thursd...
2005-08-26   Tacoma, United States Category: relocation

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