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Mimi, a beloved, female Asian elephant at Denver Zoo passed away October 9. Zookeepers had been offering her hospice care recently as she had displayed a natural decline in health over the past few months due to her advanced ...
2012-10-11   Denver, United States Category: death

Denver Zoo new home for 7-year-old male elephant
The arrival Thursday afternoon of a 7-year-old male elephant named Bodhi marked a new chapter for the Denver Zoo, where staffers excitedly welcomed the first of the bull elephants for which it built the $50 million Asian Trop...
2011-11-04   Denver, United States Category: relocation

Elephant baby born in Amersfoort Zoo, Netherlands
Indra of Amersfoort got a baby around 5:30 am this morning. According the the official website of the zoo everything seems to be fine. Gender is unkown yet. Indra got her baby in the new barn. She stood there together with Mi...
2009-11-10   Amersfoort, Netherlands Category: birth

Elephants get taste of zoo's newest feature
Zoo elephants Mimi and Dolly have a new place to go when it's time for lunch. Two new feeders where the elephants get their meals are serving up a side of practicality with a design that blends with the natural environment of...
2008-10-18   Denver, United States Category: zoo

Elephant trunks, howling monkeys all part of the fun at Brew at the Zoo
Sometimes, when you find yourself at a particularly boisterous bar, it seems like you're surrounded by wild animals. "For these guys, particularly Mimi and Dolly, the elephants, it's kind of business as usual for them," says ...
2008-08-29   Denver, United States Category: event

Denver Zoo elephants weigh in
A special scale was at the Denver Zoo today to weigh elephants Mimi and Dolly. Mimi weighed in at 10,800 pounds and Dolly at 8,200, good weights for such animals, the zoo said. The Colorado Department of Revenue, port of entr...
2008-06-16   Denver, United States Category: film

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