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Elephant park still appealing
The National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah near here is a favourite tourist spot despite occasional criticisms. The number of visitors, both local and foreign, keeps increasing every year. In 2005, there were 3...
2008-03-24   Temerloh, Malaysia Category: misc

Perhilitan must explain Mardos fiasco
Even as I'm writing this, my heart is bleeding for baby elephant, Mardos, which was put down one day after Christmas last year. Finally, Mardos can find mercy in death which has been eluding him all his life among uncaring hu...
2007-01-05   Pahang, Malaysia Category: death

Elephant Sanctuary in the spotlight
The National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah, Pahang is in the news again after a mishap involving an elephant under its care, and the public are demanding better work practices among staff of the centre, reports...
2006-07-16   , Malaysia Category: welfare

Wildlife Dept To Improve Procedures For Catching and Moving Elephants
The Wildlife and National Parks Department will improve procedures involving the catching and moving of elephants following the death of a calf elephant and the injury of another under its care recently. Since it was establis...
2006-07-14   KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia Category: relocation

Death of jumbo raises questions
The death of the 18-month-old baby elephant affectionately called Mat Chepor has struck a chord in the heart of many who are puzzled by the whole incident. K. S. USHA DEVI reports. THE death of Mat Chepor, an 18-month-old bab...
2006-07-02   Pahang, Malaysia Category: medical

Abandoned baby elephant in Piah Forest Reserve in Perak dies on way to Taiping Zoo
Abandoned by the herd after its mother's death, Taiping Zoo came to the rescue of an 18-month-old elephant calf. But while being taken to the zoo, the calf, called Mat Chepor, keeled over and died, soon after being given an a...
2006-06-27   Taiping, Malaysia Category: death

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