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Wild Elephants Spotted Foraging for Food in Trash Dump Encroaching on Their Land in Sri Lanka
Photographer Tharmaplan Tilaxan of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, captured a series of snapshots that document the large wild animals sifting through an open-area landfill located next to a nearby jungle.
2020-10-01   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: wild

Milwaukee County Zoo shows off recently-expanded African elephant herd
The Milwaukee County Zoo showed its recently-expanded African elephant herd Wednesday, Sept. 9. A new elephant, "Belle," arrived last November. She's been getting used to her new neighbors, Brittany and Ruth.
2020-09-09   Milwaukee, United States Category: zoo

Help for Assam jumbos all the way from foreign lands
The New Ram Terang Village was dedicated to the memory of Mark Shand. Ruth Powys, CEO, Elephant Family said, “An entire new village comes to fruition. We have solved a problem both for elephants and people. Elephant Fam...
2015-11-13   Jorhat, India Category: conflict

Elephant clinic in Assam’s Kaziranga Panbari named after Mark Shand
A clinic for elephants of the northeast was inaugurated at the upcoming Mark Shand Memorial Learning Centre by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Founding Patron of the UK based charity Elephant Family and its CEO Ruth Powys in the pr...
2015-11-10   Panbari, India Category: facility

Buttonwood Park Zoo: No more elephants after Emily and Ruth
Emily and Ruth, Buttonwood Park Zoo’s beloved elephants, are staying put permanently but they will be the last of their kind to live in the West End wildlife park, Director of Zoo­logicial Services Keith Lovett said. “Tr...
2013-06-15   New Bedford, United States Category: zoo

Letter: Buttonwood's elephants are already in sanctuary
A well-meaning animal rights activist from out of state, Deborah Robinson, and her organization, have had at least four, if not more, letters published in this paper suggesting that our elephants, Emily and Ruth, be sent to a...
2012-01-06   New Bedford, United States Category: misc

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