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Linnaeus's Asian elephant was wrong species
Linnaeus dubbed the species Elephas maximus, which is now commonly known as the Asian elephant. He recognized just one species of elephant in the world, and this would be its archetype. In some ways, the specimen looked more ...
2013-11-04   Stockholm, Sweden Category: taxonomy

Deciding The Fate of the African Elephant
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) begins their annual meeting today in Doha, Qatar. A big item on the agenda this year is the sale of ivory. Tanzania and Zambia would like to sell some of the...
2010-03-15   Doha, Qatar Category: trade

Zims charged with unlawful possession of tusk
Two unemployed Zimbabweans yesterday appeared before the Magistrates Court here on a single count of unlawful possession of an elephant tusk. Two accused persons, Fortunate Mwanza (29) and Prince Sakurita (26) seemed befuddle...
2009-08-19   Francistown, Botswana Category: trade

Mammoth-killing comet questioned
A study of wildfires after the last ice age has cast doubt on the theory that a giant comet impact wiped out woolly mammoths and prehistoric humans. Analysis of charcoal and pollen records from around 13,000 years ago showed ...
2009-01-29   London, United Kingdom Category: evolution

Rockhound finds Ice Age tusk in Perris flood channel
What started as an afternoon of rockhounding in the riverbed behind his Perris home ended with Greg Riecke discovering a tusk that experts say likely dates back to the last Ice Age -- 16,000 to 2 million years ago. Upon inspe...
2009-01-20   Perris, United States Category: fossil

Houstonian among 6 held in ivory smuggling. Disguised elephant tusks from Ivory Coast shipped to JFK airport
A Houston man was among six people arrested on federal charges of smuggling black market ivory disguised to look like wood sculptures or musical instruments into the United States. A Houston federal magistrate on Friday order...
2008-12-05   Houston, United States Category: smuggle

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