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Ivory Coast without ivory? Elephant populations are declining rapidly in Côte d'Ivoire
Recent years have witnessed a widespread and catastrophic decline in the number of forest elephants in protected areas in Côte d'Ivoire, according to a study published October 14 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Sery G...
2020-10-14   , Ivory Coast Category: conservation

Oregon Zoo euthanizes 31-Year-Old Elephant
On Monday, the Oregon Zoo euthanized a 31-year-old elephant named Rama. The zoo officials took this hard decision as Rama was in extreme pain due to an old leg injury. Rama was treated with physical therapy techniques and ant...
2015-03-31   Portland, United States Category: death

Zimbabwe: Water shortage leaves 190 elephants dead
Approximately 190 elephants in Zimbabwe have been listed dead due to water shortage this year, according to wildlife authorities. The country´s Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said that the elephants died during...
2012-12-05   Harare, Zimbabwe Category: death

Your morning adorable: Elephant eats a pumpkin at Maryland Zoo Halloween celebration
As part of the Halloween festivities at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, even the elephants are getting the chance to celebrate our ghastliest holiday in style. African elephants Felix (above, who, despite what her name sugges...
2009-10-23   , United States Category: misc

Zoo's Baby Elephant Celebrates First Birthday
BALTIMORE -- My, how he has grown. Samson, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore's baby elephant weighed 290 pounds at birth and over the year he gained about 2 pounds a day. Samson is now tipping the scales at 1,000 pounds. Hundred...
2009-03-22   Baltimore, Maryland, United States Category: event

Pach Man. Mike McClure, General Curator and Elephant Manager, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
"I honestly never expected to work with elephants, and I never gave them a whole lot of thought. I have a bachelor's in biology, and when I was studying I put a lot of my focus on animal behavior and physiology. I worked in a...
2008-07-29   Maryland, United States Category: people

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