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Taronga Zoo elephant keeper Lucy Melo crushed by 'miracle' baby
Yesterday the senior elephant keeper was left fighting for her life after the youngest male, Pathi Harn, crushed her against a fencepost during morning training. With Ms Melo´s husband, Taronga Zoo´s elephant mana...
2012-10-19   Sydney, Australia Category: conflict

Accusations fly over poor health of seized elephants in Thailand
Eight of them have tuberculosis, while the others had blood infections and other ailments. The elephants were seized on Feb 29 by National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department officials, who suspected the animals...
2012-03-29   Bangkok, Thailand Category: medical

Elephant eaters see no shame in jumbo meal. Villagers in Phrae province sustained by pachyderms in death, as they were in life
When elephant meat becomes available at a small village in Phrae province, fanciers of the rare meal are quick to buy up the treat. ''On a day that elephant meat is available in the village, it is eagerly snapped up and sells...
2009-12-13   Phrae, Thailand Category: misc

Taronga Zoo In Sydney has welcomed the first elephant born in Australia.
The male calf was born to Asian elephant Thong Dee in Taronga Zoo's Elephant Barn about 3.08am yesterday. After a three-hour labour, Thong Dee, who was a street elephant in Bangkok, was surprised by the calf and took time to ...
2009-07-05   Sydney, Australia Category: birth

In the hands of babes: Thai elephants’ future. A new generation of mahouts – some as young as 7, and as lightweight as 50 pounds – bend the will of the massive beast.
Dok Mak is old enough to be Goh’s great-grandma and her head alone dwarfs the boy. She eats his weight for breakfast and can easily lift a tree trunk many times his size. Right now, though, on the pint-size boy’s command,...
2009-02-26   Ayutthaya, Thailand Category: people

Three elephants pregnant in Australia
No baby elephant has ever been born in Australia - but now three elephants are pregnant at zoos in Sydney and Melbourne. Zoo authorities have announced a third elephant, Pontipp, is in the maternity wing, as a result of artif...
2008-08-28   Melbourne, Australia Category: birth

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