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Female Elephant Found Dead & Bleeding From Its Mouth In Sabah, Believed To Be Poisoned - Orphaned wild elephant relocated to Borneo Elephant Sanctuary
On Friday (28 November 2020), a Kinabatangan wildlife ranger found and relocated an adolescent elephant that was lost in a plantation in Kampung Sukau. The elephant is now under the protection of the Sabah Wildlife Department...
2020-11-28   Kinabatangan, Malaysia Category: relocation

Bid to make sanctuary haven for Bornean elephants
The community of Kampung Perpaduan here hopes to make the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (LKWS) as a haven for almost 300 Bornean elephants that reside there. EU-REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest ...
2015-04-09   Kota Kinabatangan, Malaysia Category: misc

New wildlife haven for Sabah.2,000ha abode is for elephants and other animals driven from their habitat
A BORNEO Elephant Wildlife Sanctuary will be established on a 2,000-hectare site in Kinabatangan as a refuge for elephants and other wildlife affected by land clearance activities in Sabah. The MoU was one of the five signed...
2012-01-10   Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Category: people

Sanctuary For Rescued Pygmy Elephants To Begin This Year
A sanctuary for the rehabilitation of rescued Borneo pygmy elephants is expected to be operational in the middle of this year. Sabah Wildlife Director Dr Laurentius Ambu said 2,000 hectares of land has been reserved for the s...
2012-01-09   Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Category: facility

Bornean elephants tracked by satellite
Three more Bornean elephants in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (LKWS) in Sabah have joined two others being tracked from space after they were fitted with a satellite collars last week. The collars will help expert...
2011-10-31   KINABATANGAN, Malaysia Category: research

Sabah relocates elephant away from people
A young male Bornean elephant was recently relocated from the Sabah east coast to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Centre to prevent conflicts with human population that has encroached on the habitat of Sabah’s remaining 1,500 elephan...
2010-02-27   Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Category: relocation

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