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CIRCUS Q&A: Armando Loyal-Elephant Trainer
Since the age of 5, Armando Loyal has been in the circus, with Kelly Miller Circus and a sister circus. His first performance was as a bareback rider. Before the circus, the Neosho Daily News asked Loyal some questions about ...
2012-10-24   Hugo, United States Category: circus

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm elephant 'sanctuary' work begins
Building work is under way on a 20-acre ´elephant sanctuary´ which is to be one of the largest exhibits in Europe. Noah´s Ark Zoo Farm, in North Somerset, is spending £1m on the enclosure which it plans t...
2012-09-13   Somerset, United Kingdom Category: facility

International Elephant Foundation Announces Grant to Help End Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV)
The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) is thrilled to announce another major grant to help fund the National Elephant Herpesvirus Laboratory (NEHL) at the Smithsonian´s National Zoo. Disney Worldwide Conservation F...
2011-12-07   Azle, United States Category: medical

Tracking a baby elephant from Bladensburg
After last week’s column on George’s Pet Shop, Answer Man had mentioned that an elephant from George’s was sold to Jett’s Petting Zoo. Dan Koehl noticed that Jett’s sold an elephant to the Tucson zoo. Could it be th...
2011-11-27   Bladensburg, United States Category: relocation

George’s Pet Shop: The elephant’s fate
As for elephants, George actually owned two over the years, baby Asian elephants that he purchased to rent out for political rallies, although a 1966 story in The Post said George was willing to part with his 4-month-old elep...
2011-11-26   Bladensburg, United States Category: misc

Wanted: More Big Animals. The National Zoo is running dangerously low on "charismatic megafauna"
Years of renovations and new exhibits at the National Zoo have taken their toll on the institution’s most important residents: the crowd-pleasing animals known as “charismatic megafauna.” Zoos have learned that to attra...
2010-09-01   Washington, United States Category: facility

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