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The congregation of elephant herds at the Kabini backwaters has begun to unfold, much to the delight of wildlife enthusiasts and tourists. An annual phenomena which peaks during summer, scores of elephants have been sighted a...
2015-04-09   Mysore, India Category: wild

Karnataka HC appoints expert committee to study man-elephant conflict
In the wake of increasing incidents of wild elephants entering human settlements following their shrinking habitat, the Karnataka High Court has recently appointed an elephant experts´ Action Committee to study the man-...
2012-02-15   Bangalore, India Category: conservation

Rogue tuskers fall in line
The Forest department has just concluded an operation to capture wild elephants in the Kodagu forests. With this, the department has succeeded in capturing three rogue elephants that wreaked havoc on crops in Dubare, Maldare,...
2009-02-10   Bangalore, India Category: relocation

No help to injured jumbo
If it is an ordeal in wilderness for a tusker, it is a question of practicality for the wildlife division officials. For the past several days, a tusker injured in its legs and hips, is staying in the backwaters of Kabini res...
2009-02-10   Mysore, India Category: medical

Karnataka HC orders inquiry into elephants' deaths
The Karnataka High Court has ordered an inquiry into the increasing number of unnatural elephant deaths in Mysore. On Wednesday four elephants were badly wounded after getting electrocuted near the Kabini canal. Soon some vil...
2008-11-07   Bangalore, India Category: death

Elephants in the mist
The early morning mist rising off the Kabini Reservoir gives the land a surreal look. The elephant has spent the night browsing on the juicy bamboo leaves and needs a drink of water before retreating into the cool depths of t...
2005-09-10   Nagarahole, India Category: wild

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