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Expectant elephant mothers make pregnancy exercises in Czech zoo
The two Indian elephants who expect young in the Ostrava zoo are undergoing special training for their delivery to be smooth and successful, zoo keeper Pavel Zvolanek told reporters, adding that simultaneous pregnancy of two ...
2010-08-18   Ostrava, Czech Republic Category: medical

The 8,500 Pound Question: What happens when a zoo elephant dies?
It was with the sorrow of losing a good friend that staff at the Buffalo Zoo said goodbye last month to Buki, the 52-year-old elephant who died on September 28. By all accounts, the 8,500-pound pachyderm, lauded for her intel...
2009-10-14   Buffalo, United States Category: death

Elephants join in mourning death of zoo's beloved Buki
For several hours Monday, Jothi and Surapa hovered over a lifeless Buki in the Buffalo Zoo's Elephant House. The younger Asian elephants nudged the matriarch's head and brushed her body with their trunks, presumably in the ho...
2009-09-29   Buffalo, United States Category: death

Buki the elephant dies. Buffalo Zoo favorite was 52 years old
Buki, one of the Buffalo Zoo’s beloved Asian elephants, has died at the age of 52. A long-time resident, she was a favorite among visitors and a special friend to Zoo staff. Keepers were present when she passed away at 5:40...
2009-09-28   Buffalo, United States Category: death

Buki may be nearing the end. Zoo says its oldest elephant has been losing weight
Buki, the oldest Asian elephant at the Buffalo Zoo, may be in her last days. Over the last couple of weeks, zookeepers have become alarmed at the 52- year-old pachyderm’s sudden loss of weight and appetite. Blood tests have...
2009-09-13   Buffalo, United States Category: medical

Elephant House built for comfort at Buffalo Zoo. Elephants Buki, Jothi and Surapa have settled into expanded quarters
Buki is taking full advantage of new privileges accorded the queen of the Buffalo Zoo’s remodeled Elephant House. Last week, during one of her first nights back after two months at the Columbus Zoo, the 50-year-old Asian el...
2008-07-25   Buffalo, United States Category: relocation

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