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Wild Elephants Spotted Foraging for Food in Trash Dump Encroaching on Their Land in Sri Lanka
Photographer Tharmaplan Tilaxan of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, captured a series of snapshots that document the large wild animals sifting through an open-area landfill located next to a nearby jungle.
2020-10-01   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: wild

Mammoth's nursing habits may have sped demise
Baby woolly mammoths in the Yukon were nourished exclusively on their mother´s milk for two years, much longer than elephants nurse their young, a new study has found. The dependency on nursing may have hastened the ext...
2010-12-22   Old Crow, United States Category: research

Gunda's Birthday Is A Big 'Ele-bration' At Tulsa Zoo
There was a really big birthday Wednesday at the Tulsa Zoo. Gunda the Asian elephant is 59 years old. The News On 6 doesn’t show up for everyone's birthday, but Gunda has been at the zoo longer than any other animal. “Hi ...
2009-11-19   Tulsa, United States Category: event

Hogle zoo
The 40-acre zoo at the mouth of Emigration Canyon has some great exhibits. The Elephant Encounter exhibit features a large canopy next to the view of the elephants. Although it was quite chilly the day we were there, I can im...
2009-02-26   Salt Lake City, United States Category: zoo

Sneezy a daddy in demand. The Tulsa Zoo elephant provides most of the semen samples to zoos nationwide.
The Tulsa Zoo's 35-year-old Asian elephant provides the majority of semen samples to zoos across the country to help increase the captive elephant population. "Sneezy is the most sought-after male elephant in North America," ...
2008-06-21   RYAN STRONG , United States Category: medical

Senior moments: Three animals show good care leads to long life
Sixty-eight-year-old Taj likes to nap in the pool, resting her nose on the far end. "She's a year younger than my mom, so she's part of my extended family," said Steve Johnson, supervisor of the park's Elephant Encounter, who...
2008-04-21   Vallejo, United States Category: misc

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