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Why We Should Be Alarmed By This Wild Elephant Getting Its Foot Badly Hurt By A Hunter’s Trap In Kelantan
Wildlife authorities managed to rescue an endangered female Asian elephant that sustained injuries to its right foot after being ensnared in a trap near Kampung Renyuk in Jeli. Fortunately, authorities were able to safely rem...
2020-10-20   Kelantan, Malaysia Category: medical

Elephant captured in Jeli released at National Park
The elephant, named Awang Jerek, was sent to the national park on Thursday with the help of two tamed elephants Che Mek and Lokimala. Department director Rahmat Topani said the three-hour operation, which started at 9am, invo...
2012-01-01   KOTA BARU, United States Category: relocation

Chained elephant Paloh is freed from Malaysian hell zoo thanks to Mirror readers
BABY elephant Paloh – who was cruelly chained up in a filthy zoo – was freed yesterday thanks to campaigning Mirror readers. Shocking photographs of two-year-old orphan Paloh shackled and roped in a dirty back y...
2011-09-13   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Category: welfare

Wild elephant captured by Wildlife in Kelantan
Residents around Kampung Cherang Hangus, Machang, Kelantan (near Kota Bahru) sigh of relief when the wild elephants that roam their village since last week captured by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Wildlife) ...
2011-05-16   Kota Bahru, Malaysia Category: relocation

Shocking the elephants away
Villagers in the district are happy that an electric fence is being built to keep wild elephants away from their smallholdings. Construction of the fence began early this year and so far, about two kilometres of fence had bee...
2008-04-16   Lubok Bongor , Malaysia Category: conflict

Kelantan rangers capture stray bull elephant
Wildlife rangers have captured a bull elephant which strayed into Kampung Kalai here on Friday. The elephant, which have been nicknamed "Awang Kalai", is believed to have been separated from the main herd while moving to high...
2007-12-16   Jeli, Malaysia Category: relocation

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