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Munich baby elephant dies
A three-month old elephant at a zoo in Munich died on Saturday of a pulmonary embolism, just before she was due to receive a heart surgery for a congenital defect. The elephant was taken to the Grosshadern Hospital for a CT s...
2012-01-22   Munich, Germany Category: death

Baby elephant reunited with mother for Christmas
This baby elephant has been reunited with her mum after keepers rescued her from being trampled. Baby elephant Jamuno Toni - who already tips the scales at 17 stones - was in danger of being squashed to death by her three-ton...
2009-12-24   Munich, Germany Category: zoo

Your Morning Adorable
It'll be a merry Christmas indeed at Munich, Germany's Hellabrunn Zoo: After a two-year gestation period, Asian elephant Panang gave birth to a healthy female calf Monday. The calf, named Jamuna Toni, weighed nearly 250 pound...
2009-12-23   Munich, Germany Category: birth

Kashin the elephant turns 40
KASHIN THE elephant's snot is clear and gritty. "Blow into her trunk," instructs the zookeeper. "She wants to smell your breath." Looking up an elephant's nose is like peering into twin surgical wounds. Pink and glistening tu...
2008-11-02   Auckland, New Zealand Category: event

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