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First Artificially Inseminated Elephant Born in Canada
Officials at African Lion Safari announced Thursday the birth of ´Jake´, a healthy male Asian elephant. ´Jake´ is the result of artificial insemination, the first ever in Canada. African Lion Safari ha...
2010-07-15   Cambridge, Canada Category: birth

New Elephant arrives at Woburn in time to celebrate the Safari Parks 40th Birthday
Inside the ten tonne crate, which arrived at the park from Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands this morning, was Yu Zin a five tonne, female Asian elephant. Born 32 years ago, she joins three other Asian elephants that have live...
2010-03-23   Woburn, United Kingdom Category: relocation

Peek through time: In 1955, woolly mammoth bones found on Tompkins Township farm
If Sandra Losey Gifford closes her eyes, she can almost see giant prehistoric elephant-like animals grazing on her family's Tompkins Township farm. It isn't a far stretch. Fifty-five years ago — Jan. 6, 1955, to be exact â€...
2010-01-17   East Lansing, United States Category: fossil

Teens find rare mastodon fossils near Denver
Two teenagers made a significant scientific discovery in a creek bed Ken Caryl Ranch. Tyler Kellett and Jake Carstensen found a jaw bone and tusk of a mastodon. The elephant relative could be 50,000 to 150,000 years old. The ...
2009-10-05   Denver, United States Category: fossil

Kids' fossil discovery a scientific marvel
It's a dinosaur-loving kids dream come true - not to mention that of archaeologists. The chance discovery of a rare fossil American Mastodon tusk and partial jawbone with teeth by youngsters in Ken-Caryl hasis creatinga major...
2009-10-02   Denver, United States Category: fossil

GPS saves elephants from slaughter
The call came last week from Kenyan Wildlife Services. Mountain Bull had to die. The adult elephant living near Mount Kenya had absconded from his reserve home to pillage villagers' crops with a posse of other male tuskers. O...
2008-09-15   Mount Kenya, Kenya Category: misc

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