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Assisted reproduction in female rhinoceros and elephants - current status and future perspective.
Over the last few decades, rhinoceroses and elephants became important icons in the saga of wildlife conservation. Recent surveys estimate the wild Asian (Elephas maximus) and African (Loxodonta africana) elephant populations...
2007-09-01   Berlin, Germany Category: abstract

Hastyãyurvĕda--a complete treatise on elephants.Sharma MC.
Ayurvĕda, the oldest existing medical science of India, which is not only responsible for the health of human beings but also, plays an important in Veterinary sciences. In India, history of traditional Veterinary medici...
2006-12-00   Jaipur, India Category: abstract

Seattle zoo tries to inseminate elephant
A ticklish business, artificially inseminating an elephant. With the help of high-tech ultrasound and computer gear, special protective clothing, wheelbarrows and not a little cooperation from Chai, a 26-year-old Asian elepha...
2005-03-02   SEATTLE, United States Category: zoo

Inseminating elephant takes 2 Germans, an ultrasound and a very long wait
It is no small feat to artificially impregnate an elephant. The basics of artificial insemination may be routine, but a glance into the elephant house at the Woodland Park Zoo yesterday evening should have been enough to conv...
2005-03-02   Seattle, United States Category: research

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