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Really wild show! Elephants hula with their trunks, dance on logs and even line up for a conga
These clever elephants were wowing visitors at a German zoo earlier this week as they put on a stellar dancing performance for the crowds. The group, consisting of both calves and adult beasts, performed on tree logs, played ...
2012-09-16   Hannover, Germany Category: zoo

Local view: Circus animals benefit from putting on a show
Shrine circus time in Duluth begins an annual debate over whether animals belong in circuses. I’ve worked for circuses. I’ve seen the care and dedication that goes into the daily lives of the animals, the proper technique...
2009-04-26   Duluth, Minnesota, United States Category: circus

Who will miss Asia’s awkward elephants?
Standing ten feet tall and weighing up to five tonnes, you’d think an Asian elephant would be hard to miss. But the giants that range across 13 Asian states are so at home in the dense forests and jungles they live in they...
2008-03-16   Bangkok, Thailand Category: misc

Minneapolis may become ringleader in circus animal protection
The Minneapolis City Council takes up an issue not usually on its agenda: the safety of circus animals. A proposal before the council would ban wild animal circuses in the city. While some say its the way to prevent animal cr...
2007-09-12   Minneapolis, United States Category: circus

Circus puts everything on one stage. Forget the three-ring circus. You won't miss it.
With its new show, Circus of Dreams, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, the last bastion of busy-is-better, has reinvented itself as a single-stage Cirque du Soleil for the kiddie channel, complete with a giant circular high...
2007-08-03   Dallas, United States Category: circus

Baby elephant turns to her grandmother for milk
Rejected by her mother, the youngest elephant at the St. Louis Zoo has found a new source of milk: her grandmother. Three-month old Jade gets about 10 bottles of elephant formula a day but recently started to nurse from grand...
2007-05-31   St. Louis, United States Category: zoo

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