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Santa Ana Zoo ends 25-year-old elephant ride attraction
The Santa Ana Zoo announced Friday that it has ended its 25-year-old elephant ride attraction to comply with changes in animal care and safety guidelines designed to protect zookeepers and trainers from being harmed by the po...
2011-12-17   Santa Ana, United States Category: welfare

Elephant skull a big headache
When money trouble led collector Jerry Snapp to put his prized possession up for sale, he had no idea what lay ahead. Jerry Snapp loved Tiffany, and it broke his heart that he had to sell her. Close to 200 pounds, almost 4 fe...
2010-01-26   , United States Category: fossil

Britney Spears Circus Video Taken To Task By PETA, But Trainers Insist Animals Were Treated Well. Kari Johnson tells MTV News that everyone on set was respectful of the elephants needs and comfort.'
On Monday, People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals issued a press release condemning Britney Spears for featuring "cruelly trained lions and elephants" in her just-released "Circus" video and demanded that the pop star "s...
2008-12-09   Perris, United States Category: welfare

Pachyderm plan in Santa Ana is in bubble trouble
Artist plans to encase Tai the elephant in a soapy sphere. Some call the stunt cruel. Tai the elephant is no stranger to fame. The 39-year-old female has a long resume: TV commercials, corporate parties and 20 movie credits. ...
2008-03-12   Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times, United States Category: welfare

Elephant returning to D.M. with a baby
Rosie will return to Des Moines this summer. And this time, she'll bring her baby. The 7,300-pound elephant drew large crowds when she visited Blank Park Zoo in 2000. Zoo officials have tried for three years to bring her back...
2008-03-12   Des Moines, United States Category: relocation

Your Opposition to a Ban on Circuses and Rodeos is Urgently Needed. SANTA CLARA COUNTY TO CONSIDER A BAN OF CIRCUSES AND RODEOS.
On February 12, 2008 starting at 9:30 AM, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will hold an advisory hearing considering a ban of rodeos and circuses that use animals in the entire county. A second and final meeting wi...
2008-02-04   Santa Clara County, United States Category: circus

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