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Dubbo's Western Plans Zoo plans for arrival of Asian elephant bulls Pathi Harn, Luk Chai and Gung from Sydney's Taronga Zoo
The Taronga Western Plains Zoo is planning to build a multimillion dollar home for three male Asian elephants due to arrive in Dubbo next year. The bulls, Pathi Harn, Luk Chai and Gung, are being moved to the west to free up ...
2013-11-20   Sydney, Australia Category: relocation

Taronga Zoo elephant keeper Lucy Melo crushed by 'miracle' baby
Yesterday the senior elephant keeper was left fighting for her life after the youngest male, Pathi Harn, crushed her against a fencepost during morning training. With Ms Melo´s husband, Taronga Zoo´s elephant mana...
2012-10-19   Sydney, Australia Category: conflict

Tarongas Third Elephant Calf Born On Anniversary Of Herds Arrival
Taronga third Asian Elephant calf was born at 1.12 am last night. The calf is Taronga’s first female and it is the fifth calf born to the Australian Conservation Management Plan for these endangered elephants. The calf was ...
2010-11-02   Sydney, Australia Category: birth

Why was Thong Dee put at risk. THONG DEE should never have been allowed to mate, argues Peter Stroud, former senior curator at Melbourne Zoo and independent zoo consultant.
Throughout 2007, Taronga Zoo stated that Thong Dee was seven years old. This claim was included in a news release dated November 13 about a report to the Government on how the import conditions for the elephants had been met....
2008-02-24   Sydney, Australia Category: welfare

Lustful romp among consenting adults
IT began as a sordid tale of steamy and illicit underage sex in a leafy North Shore suburb of Sydney. But yesterday it sounded like a typical encounter in the affluent but ageing suburb of Mosman - just another lustful romp a...
2008-02-22   Sydney, Australia Category: misc

Whiff of scandal as young bull plays the field
So long as you don’t feed the animals, zoos might be considered the epitome of wholesome entertainment. Or at least that was until the new family in Sydney’s Taronga Zoo reached puberty. Gung, a boisterous young Asian bul...
2008-02-15   Brisbane, Australia Category: medical

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