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Expectant elephant mothers make pregnancy exercises in Czech zoo
The two Indian elephants who expect young in the Ostrava zoo are undergoing special training for their delivery to be smooth and successful, zoo keeper Pavel Zvolanek told reporters, adding that simultaneous pregnancy of two ...
2010-08-18   Ostrava, Czech Republic Category: medical

Uncommon Attractions: The Great and Only Barnum
The saddest animal story in the book is that of Jumbo, the giant elephant Barnum purchased from a London zoo (to the outrage of the British public) and displayed at his circus, making millions. Even after Jumbo was killed in ...
2009-12-05   Bridgeport, United States Category: book

Former Circus Elephants Due at Belfast Zoo
Belfast should brace itself as two retired circus performers pack up their trunks and make their way to the city’s zoo. Asian elephants, Jenny (48) and 32-year-old Dunja, left their home in Hanover Zoo, Germany yesterday fo...
2009-04-02   Belfast, United Kingdom Category: relocation

Room to roam. San Diego Zoo hopes bigger elephant space will improve the animals' health, numbers
American zoos have decided to go big or give up when it comes to housing elephants. The San Diego Zoo is one of five nationwide with plans for larger exhibits, while at least 11 are getting out of the elephant business. The $...
2009-01-25   San Diego, United States Category: facility

Wallace Beery was an American Academy Award winning actor, best known for his portrayal of Long John Silver in "Treasure Island" (1934), who appeared in 200 movies over a 36 year span. Wallace Beery joined the Ringling Brothe...
2009-01-04   Belvidere, United States Category: book

Siam's a big star
There is no shortage of big stars who hail from the Sunshine Coast, but none of them are quite as big as our latest celebrity. In fact, she's so big that while most stars have their own trailer on set, this one has a whole tr...
2008-11-07   Melbourne, Australia Category: film

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