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Unimaginable horror as helicopter-borne poachers massacre 22 elephants before hacking off their tusks and genitals.
In a scene of inconceivable horror, these slaughtered elephant carcasses show the barbaric lengths poachers will go to in their hunt for nature´s grim booty. The bodies were among a herd of 22 animals massacred in a hel...
2012-04-25   Garamba National Park, Congo Category: poaching

Gabon to burn ivory stockpiles
The government of Gabon has announced it will burn its stockpiles of ivory later this year in a bid to undercut illegal elephant poaching, which is decimating populations in central Africa. Recently, a group of poachers on ho...
2012-04-10   Libreville , Gabon Category: misc

WWF Statement on Cameroon Elephant Slaughte
The following statement was issued today by Natasha Kofoworola Quist, WWF’s Central Africa Regional Programme Office Representative: “It has been two weeks since the Cameroon government authorized a military inte...
2012-03-15   Bouba N’Djida , Cameroon Category: poaching

Cameroon sends military to stop elephant slaughter
Cameroon has launched a military offensive to flush out elephant poachers from a remote national park in the country´s northeast near the border with Chad. Defense Minister Alain Mebe Ngo´o announced the operation...
2012-03-03   DOUALA, Cameroon Category: abstract

Activists: Poachers kill 200 elephants in Cameroon
Poachers have slaughtered at least 200 elephants in the past five weeks in a patch of Africa where they are more dangerously endangered than anywhere else on Earth, wildlife activists said Thursday. The money made from sellin...
2012-02-17   Johannesburg, South Africa Category: poaching

The Cameroon Elephant Project: Saving Earth’s Largest Land Mammal
The North Carolina Zoo’s commitment to wildlilfe extends far beyond its gates. One of the Zoo’s most important conservation research projects operates in the western African nation of Cameroon. There, Zoo Chief Veterinari...
2010-10-11   Mount Cameroon, Cameroon Category: conservation

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