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Why We Should Be Alarmed By This Wild Elephant Getting Its Foot Badly Hurt By A Hunter’s Trap In Kelantan
Wildlife authorities managed to rescue an endangered female Asian elephant that sustained injuries to its right foot after being ensnared in a trap near Kampung Renyuk in Jeli. Fortunately, authorities were able to safely rem...
2020-10-20   Kelantan, Malaysia Category: medical

Ivory Coast relocates elephants to save dwindling population
An elephant named Hamed by residents in a southern region of Ivory Coast has been captured and relocated to the zoo in Abidjan as he awaits transfer to a park where authorities hope he will have non-human company instead.
2020-09-11   Abidjan, Ivory Coast Category: relocation

Assam tea estate keeps elephants at bay with life size models of giraffes
A a herd of 50-60 elephants heading for the tea estate changed its path when they saw a life size dummy giraffe. “We have installed three giraffes made of fiber in our tea estate last week as a measure to protect our crops ...
2019-10-31   Golaghat, India Category: conflict

Thirty eight illegally caught elephants in Wildlife custody - AG
The Attorney General yesterday informed Court that 38 illegally caught wild elephant were taken into the Wildlife Department custody following the CID investigation into a massive racket where illegally caught wild elephant c...
2016-03-31   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: poaching

The CITES Secretariat ready to support joint investigation
The Secretary-General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) welcomes the United Nations Security Council’s call for an investigation into the alleged involvement of t...
2012-12-26   Geneva, Switzerland Category: trade

India´s Odisha state lost at least 296 elephants in the past five years, several victims of electrocution, officials said. State authorities and wildlife activists said the elephants died after coming in contact with ha...
2012-11-01   New Delhi, India Category: death

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