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Extinct mammoth tusks fill elephant ivory ban gap
Stumped by a ban designed to save elephants from extinction, Hong Kong´s master carvers turned to a long dead species that left thousands of tonnes of frozen ivory in Siberian mass graves.Mammoth tusks, intricately carv...
2010-08-13   Hong Kong, China Category: abstract

Human half of famed circus duo has died
Ben Williams, who was born into a circus family and made a name for himself both inside and outside the Big Top, died this month of cancer. He was 56. Williams was best known as a flamboyant, tiger-skin-loincloth-clad perform...
2009-10-14   Ruskin, United States Category: people

Toronto Zoo, and its elephants, mourn Tequila
The surprise death of a Toronto Zoo elephant yesterday offered a fresh challenge for veterinarian staff who have learned that elephants, like humans, mourn the death of their loved ones. When Thika found her mother, a 38-year...
2008-09-03   Toronto, Canada Category: death

Elephant Chawangs sperm count good
Singapore Zoo's elephant Chawang has had his semen quality tested and results showed his sperm count is good. Chawang, the largest and heaviest animal at the zoo, is almost 3 metres tall and weighs 3,480kg. He has already sir...
2007-04-11   Singapore, Singapore Category: medical

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