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Elephants to be moved from Emmen zoo after family dispute
A mother elephant, her two sons and a daughter are to be found a new home by Emmen zoo officials after a power struggle within the herd. The problems began earlier this year when the matriarch of the herd died and two rival s...
2012-11-13   Emmen, Netherlands Category: relocation

Emmen Zoo Birth
The Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands celebrated the birth of a male calf on February 6, the second to be born in the outdoor exhibit with the herd. The calf was the fourth for the thirty year old Burmese cow Htoo Yin Aye. It was ...
2011-02-10   Emmen, Netherlands Category: birth

Plock Zoo in Poland gets elephants again
In Plock Zoo in Poland, arrived the two young bulls Letsongmon and Myo Set Kaung from Emmen Zoo in Netherlands. Both bulls are captive born in Emmen.
2010-09-06   Plock, Poland Category: relocation

New Elephant arrives at Woburn in time to celebrate the Safari Parks 40th Birthday
Inside the ten tonne crate, which arrived at the park from Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands this morning, was Yu Zin a five tonne, female Asian elephant. Born 32 years ago, she joins three other Asian elephants that have live...
2010-03-23   Woburn, United Kingdom Category: relocation

Olifant Swe San Thay overleden
The elephant attendants of animal park Emmen found gisterochtend elephant Swe San Thay inanimately in the stable. Nor to the body of the elephant, nor to camera pictures, which are at night made in the stable, is see somethin...
2010-02-18   Emmen, Netherlands Category: death

Olifant Annabel in dierenpark Emmen overleden
Film showing the female asian elephant Annabel in Emmen Zoo, Netherlands, after she fell down in the in the dry moat and could not get out by herself. After several attempts to help, zoo staff brought in a crane to lift her o...
2009-03-02   Emman, Netherlands Category: film

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