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Sangduen "Lek" Chailert and Elephant Nature Park (ENP), Chiang Mai, Thailand
Its time to step forward and give a balancing report of one of the largest scams I have witnessed in Asia, in no way, a paradise for elephants or the staff, although it has according to sources, an estimated annual income bet...
2016-03-15   Phnom Penh, Cambodia Category: blog

A statement from Sangduen Lek Chailert on behalf of Elephant Nature Park, regarding Tuberculosis at ENP.
Does anyone else, apart from Mrs Lek Chailert, believe its enough to "isolate" a TB positive elephant, in a place with a +70 elephants turnover throughout the years, 16 deaths with no public autopsy reports, and apr 100 inter...
2013-06-05   Chiang Mai, Thailand Category: medical

The Dark Side Of The Elephant Business
At this time of writing, 26 elephants without registration papers have been confiscated and impounded at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), a government-run facility and elephant hospital. TECC has confirmed that e...
2012-03-31   Bangkok, Thailand Category: conservation

Conservationist Lek Saengduen Chailert wins Polish award for work with elephants
A Poland-based foundation has given an award to a Thai activist who founded a nursery for disabled or injured elephants in Chiang Mai, the Thai embassy in Warsaw said yesterday. In its citation for granting the Good Deed Awar...
2012-01-10   Warsaw, Poland Category: people

Abused Elephants Nestle in Thai Sanctuary, Mingle With Visitors
The non-profit sanctuary, in the forests of Mae Taeng Valley in northern Thailand, doesn’t offer rides or show the animals swinging hula hoops on their trunks -- standard fare at many Thai elephant camps. Founded in 1996 by...
2009-02-02   Chiang Mai, Thailand Category: welfare

Lending a hand
After an eye-opening, palette-pleasing trip through Vietnam, three couples — Barry and Pat Brown of Mendon, Jim Kurtz and Jan Kellner of Webster and Paul and Sue Wilkens of Ontario — journeyed through Chiang Mai, Thailand...
2008-08-30   Chiang Mai, Thailand Category: people

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