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Opal the elephant is pregnant
AN elephant acquired by a zoo after its original owner was prosecuted for animal cruelty has become pregnant for the first time. Opal the elephant became pregnant by fellow herd-member Tembo at Colchester Zoo through artifici...
2009-01-27   Colchester, United Kingdom Category: birth

Friday Cute Pic: Baby Elephant Eating a Christmas Tree
It’s nice to know that if you do use a real, live pine tree at Christmastime it won’t necessarily be thrown on the waste heap. Over in Germany, Christmas trees are fed to the animals at Dresden Zoo. Elephant calf Thabo-Um...
2009-01-16   Dresden, Germany Category: misc

How Islam Came to Germany
Various sources relate that Charlemagne established diplomatic relations with this Abbasid ruler Caliph Harun al-Rashid in the year 797 or 801. Both sides reportedly guaranteed freedom of belief for members of the other relig...
2008-06-16   Hamburg, Germany Category: misc

Dresden Zoo Baby Elephant Eats Christmas Trees
Holiday leftovers aren't just for humans. "Elephants around the country will enjoy a delicious lunch today consisting of about five Christmas trees each," Ragnar Kuehne of Zoo Berlin told the Reuters news service on January 3...
2007-01-03   Dresden, Germany Category: misc

Joy over over elephant birth in Dresden Zoo
After 629 days of pregnancy Dresden Zoos first elephant baby was born on saturday 4th of February. The mother, the 16 year old african elephant Drumbo, had a fast birth, which is germanys first elephant birth through artifici...
2006-02-11   Dresden, Germany Category: birth

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