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Elephant gives birth on farm
A pregnant elephant entered local farmland in southern Dong Nai Province to give birth Tuesday, leaving behind her placenta. Residents of Thanh Son Commune, Dinh Quan District on Monday evening saw a herd of elephants enterin...
2020-09-02   Thanh Son, Vietnam Category: birth

Declining forested land triggers elephant conflict
Between 2009 and 2011, up to nine elephants died in the southern province of Dong Nai, which were initially suspected of being killed by people. Recently, the only elephant in Tan Phu protective forest was also killed. Accor...
2016-12-17   Dong Nai, Vietnam Category: conflict

Elephant Ka Crushes Zookeeper at Dai Nam Open Zoo in Vietnam
A Vietnamese zookeeper died Monday after being crushed by a two ton elephant. Doan Huu Tai, 27, was attacked by the Elephant who grabbed him with his trunk and slammed him into a water tank. According to Vietnamnet the man at...
2013-12-23   Dai Nam, Vietnam Category: conflict

Vietnam police arrest suspects in elephant murder
Police in the southern province of Dong Nai have arrested five people on suspicion of killing a wild elephant in 2011 with military weapons, and for illegally trading and keeping the rare animals. According to police, they su...
2013-10-25   Dong Nai, Vietnam Category: poaching

Elephants need forests to reproduce, not money
Instead of giving us money, please give us forests. We will help elephants reproduce,” said an elephant breeder in Dak Lak. The elephant breeders in Dak Lak would receive 414 million dong in financial support from the s...
2012-12-21   Dak Lak, Vietnam Category: conservation

Scientists say elephants seriously endangered
Vietnam has been well known as a country with many elephants that can be found throughout the country. However, big international conservation organizations have repeatedly given warnings that elephants are in danger of extin...
2012-03-05   Saigon, Vietnam Category: conservation

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