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Mahaveli is a success. But ….
Mahaveli Development Program is a national development program of Sri Lanka with irrigation development of about 365,000 hectares of land and development of hydro power. Thanks to the accelerated Mahaveli Program, the human ...
2020-09-27   Mahaveli, Sri Lanka Category: ecology

Dubbo's Western Plans Zoo plans for arrival of Asian elephant bulls Pathi Harn, Luk Chai and Gung from Sydney's Taronga Zoo
The Taronga Western Plains Zoo is planning to build a multimillion dollar home for three male Asian elephants due to arrive in Dubbo next year. The bulls, Pathi Harn, Luk Chai and Gung, are being moved to the west to free up ...
2013-11-20   Sydney, Australia Category: relocation

Phuket's Baby Elephant Stalk: Photo Special
Two young elephants at Phuket camps, Dollar and Namphon, are suspected to have been poached and the legitimacy of another 61 elephants remains in question after raids yesterday. While the animals remain at the camps and furth...
2013-05-11   Phuket, Thailand Category: poaching

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals provides aid and comfort for the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The two groups are responsible for more than 600 crimes since 1996, causing (by ...
2011-12-02   Washington, United States Category: welfare

Seven-foot ceramic elephants made in 1889 selling for $9 million
Million Dollar Dandy brand revealed today a pair of unique, ornamented elephants worth $9 million that were manufactured more than 100 years ago. Standing seven feet high, they were crafted by the Minton factory in Staffordsh...
2011-10-30   London, United Kingdom Category: misc

Extinct mammoth tusks fill elephant ivory ban gap
Stumped by a ban designed to save elephants from extinction, Hong Kong´s master carvers turned to a long dead species that left thousands of tonnes of frozen ivory in Siberian mass graves.Mammoth tusks, intricately carv...
2010-08-13   Hong Kong, China Category: abstract

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