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More than 50-per-cent decline in elephants in eastern Congo due to human conflict: UBC research
In some of the best-documented cases to date, the study shows the elephant population in the Okapi Faunal Reserve – one of the last strongholds of forest elephants in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – saw a 50 per ...
2011-11-10   Kinshasa, Congo Category: poaching

Giant dino elephant fossil on display at TREC
The tusks on the giant dino elephant at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center are 10 feet long. Each of the teeth weighs 15 pounds. The feet come up to Scott McKenzie's knee. "This is going to excite the 8-year-old child in ever...
2009-10-04   Erie, United States Category: fossil

When a Phuket Elephant is Wounded in Action
PHUKET'S elephant population is growing larger but then, when you're as popular as elephants are, everyone follows the herd. More camps and rides are springing up. The island now has 177 elephants, and all except the youngest...
2009-10-03   Phuket, Thailand Category: medical

Could Waco's mammoths follow Dinosaur Valley's successful footprints?
Like footprints in the sand, the Glen Rose dinosaur tracks and the Waco mammoth bones have run parallel journeys through modern history. Separated by millions of years in their creation and decades in their discovery, both ha...
2008-08-17   Waco, United States Category: fossil

Did dinosaurs ever roam the Q-C?
Scientists also have found fossils from long after the dinosaur era, the early part of what is sometimes referred to as the Age of Mammals — including the skull and tusks of a mastodon, which looked sort of like an elephant...
2008-03-02   Quad City, United States Category: fossil

Museum of the Earth Getaway
There's been a discovery in Ithaca, New York, a place where people are discovering the history of the earth. The Museum of the Earth has a big attraction here is the Hyde Park Mastodon. Found in someone's back yard, it is one...
2007-02-02   New York, United States Category: fossil

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