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Australia's oldest African elephant dies
Australia´s oldest living African elephant has died, with both staff and animals at Taronga Western Plains Zoo now in mourning. Yum Yum was also the matriarch and longest serving resident of the park, in Dubbo, central ...
2010-10-04   Dubbo, NSW, Australia Category: death

Laos power plant misses jumbo payout
The wildly successful Sayaboury Elephant Festival, held this year in the village of Hongsa, attracted more than 80,000 visitors, some elegantly attired, some dreadlocked ganja-inspired, despite the event's remote location in ...
2009-09-08   Sayaboury, Laos Category: event

Pampering and pedicures keep Gigi a happy resident - Elephants make great progress
Former Stardust Circus elephant Gigi is putting her best foot forward in the process of becoming a permanent inhabitant of Taronga Western Plains Zoo. On the request of keepers, she regularly presents her feet on fence rails...
2008-03-19   Sydney, Australia Category: medical

A stroll with the elephants at dawn
If you opened your eyes and you were standing on a dirt track, surrounded by waist-high dead grass, some trees and two African elephants, where would you say you are? The sun isn’t rising over the Serengeti – it’s in Du...
2008-03-18   Dubbo, Australia Category: zoo

U.S. News comes as no schock, WPZ keeper Linda Gardiner says
The discovery that elephants can recognise their own reflection comes as no surprised to Western Plains Zoo's (WPZ) keeper Linda Gardiner. Ms Gardiner said WPZ's elephants - 'Yum Yum', ‘Cherry' and ‘Cuddles' - had perform...
2006-11-02   Dubbo, Australia Category: research

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