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Old Male Elephants Are Still Important, Scientists Say
Old male elephants might have an important role to play in helping younger males learn to navigate their environment, according to scientists at the University of Exeter, who watched groups of male African savannah elephants ...
2020-09-21   London, United Kingdom Category: research

Once seen as loners, male elephants shown to follow elders
A new study shows that teenage males aren't anti-social after all. Younger male elephants were seen tagging along behind older males as they travel from place to place. It's more evidence in an emerging body of research that ...
2020-09-03   Washington, United States Category: research

Importance of old bulls: leaders and followers in collective movements of all-male groups in African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana)
By analysing leadership patterns of all-male African savannah elephant traveling groups along elephant pathways in Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana, we found that the oldest males were more likely to lead collective ...
2020-09-03   Exeter, United Kingdom Category: abstract

Dickerson Park Zoo's oldest elephant Connie, nicknamed Pinky, is battling kidney disease
Dickerson Park Zoo announced today that its oldest elephant, Connie, is battling kidney disease. She is not expected to recover. The estimated 50-year-old elephant - nicknamed “Pinky” - was born in the wild and came to th...
2013-08-10   Springfield, United States Category: medical

South Africa: Government Must Urgently Erect Fencing Between Kruger National Park and Mozambique
The IFP calls on Government to urgently erect border fencing and deploy armed forces between Mozambique and Kruger National Park. IFP Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Mrs. Connie Zikalala MP, said, "Governme...
2013-04-27   Durban, South Africa Category: poaching

San Diego Zoo Elephant Connie Dies
One of the two elephants brought to the San Diego in a trade with counterparts in Tucson in February was euthanized due to an infection, the San Diego Zoo announced today. Connie, an Asian elephant believed to be 45, was put ...
2012-07-20   San Diego, United States Category: death

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