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Mammoth discovery hidden inside frozen dirt
Woolly mammoths and ancient horses disappeared from North America thousands of years later than originally thought, casting doubt on common theories of a sudden mass extinction, says a researcher from the University of Albert...
2009-12-15   Edmonton, Canada Category: fossil

Did Dryas comet really kill off mammoth?
Debate on the existence of a Younger Dryas comet impact, 12,900 years ago, and whether it is linked to mass extinctions of large mammals and early humans in North America reopened this week. This then wiped out such Pleistoce...
2009-10-23   Portland, United States Category: evolution

Mammoth-killing comet questioned
A study of wildfires after the last ice age has cast doubt on the theory that a giant comet impact wiped out woolly mammoths and prehistoric humans. Analysis of charcoal and pollen records from around 13,000 years ago showed ...
2009-01-29   London, United Kingdom Category: evolution

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