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Visitors to Colchester zoo were surprised to see a helicopter land in the elephant enclosure today after a teenager was taken ill.
The Essex Air Ambulance was dispatched to Colchester Zoo, where a 19-year-old woman was reported to be suffering breathing problems. The wide, flat space inside the elephant pen was believed to be the best spot for the aircra...
2013-05-05   Colchester, United Kingdom Category: zoo

Giant step forward as Addo elephants’ territory doubles (video)
THE Addo Elephant National Park took a giant step forward yesterday, lowering the southern fence between the old and new sections of the park and opening the way for its burgeoning jumbo herd to return to their ancestral home...
2010-08-20   Port Elizabeth, South Africa Category: wild

Elephant paternity mix-up at zoo
It turned out to be a case of “Who's the (big) daddy?” Because today it emerged that an elephant credited with siring a yet-to-be-born calf had nothing to do with the pregnancy. Yesterday Colchester Zoo announced that Opa...
2009-01-30   Colchester, United Kingdom Category: birth

Opal the elephant is pregnant
AN elephant acquired by a zoo after its original owner was prosecuted for animal cruelty has become pregnant for the first time. Opal the elephant became pregnant by fellow herd-member Tembo at Colchester Zoo through artifici...
2009-01-27   Colchester, United Kingdom Category: birth

British zoo celebrates first elephant in the UK to conceive by artificial insemination
An Asian elephant has become the first of its species in the UK to become pregnant by artificial insemination, a zoo said today. Keepers of Noorjahan at Twycross Zoo, in Leicestershire, said the procedure had been 'incredibly...
2008-10-17   Twycross, United Kingdom Category: birth

Elephants show how to have fun
THIS delightful snap shows best friends, Kito and Jambo, messing around at Colchester Zoo - and will provide happy memories for those who remember the young elephants before leaving East Anglia for warmer climes. The moment w...
2008-09-12   Colchester, United Kingdom Category: pictures

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