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Ned, 21 Year-Old Captive Born Male Elephant Dies from Long Term Illness
On May 15, at 3:42 am CT, Ned, the second elephant ever confiscated by the United States Department of Agriculture, died peacefully in the company of his caregivers at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Ned was born into th...
2009-05-17   Hohenwald, United States Category: death

PAWS Agrees to Build Permanent Home for Seized Bull Elephant, Ned
On Saturday, November 8, Ned, a severely underweight 21-year-old captive born, male Asian elephant, was confiscated by the USDA. PAWS has agreed to provide a permanent home for Ned as soon as he is strong enough to make the t...
2008-11-12   San Andreas, United States Category: welfare