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Thailand's captive elephants face uncertain future
In one of the largest known elephant migrations in memory, many of the country's estimated 3,800 captive elephants trudged out of tourist sites ranging from northeastern Surin Province to the beachside towns of Pattaya and Ph...
2021-04-09   HUAY PAKKOT, Thailand Category: relocation

Out of work from coronavirus, these elephants pack their trunks and head home
The millions thrown out of work in Thailand by the coronavirus include elephants dependent on tourist money to feed their voracious appetites. With scant numbers of foreign visitors, commercial elephant camps and sanctuaries ...
2020-05-06   Bngkok, Thailand Category: relocation

Elephant Kills Longtime Mahout at Chiang Mai Zoo
A mahout was killed by an elephant yesterday at Chiang Mai Zoo. Somsak Panna was herding bull elephant Billy back to his corral to feed him breakfast Tuesday morning when the 25-year-old pachyderm gored the keeper with his tu...
2016-03-23   Chiang Mai, Thailand Category: conflict

Sangduen "Lek" Chailert and Elephant Nature Park (ENP), Chiang Mai, Thailand
Its time to step forward and give a balancing report of one of the largest scams I have witnessed in Asia, in no way, a paradise for elephants or the staff, although it has according to sources, an estimated annual income bet...
2016-03-15   Phnom Penh, Cambodia Category: blog

Nine injured by startled elephant at Night Safari
A STARTLED elephant barrelled into a crowd of tourists at Chiang Mai Night Safari on Saturday, mowing down nine, who were offered lifetime passes and Bt30,000 as compensation. The 23-year-old pachyderm named Lamduan had parti...
2015-11-15   Chiang Mai, Thailand Category: conflict

Would you pay US$50 for a cup of elephant dung coffee?
Civet dung coffee? Old news. The big story these days is coffee made with beans that have been pooped out by elephants. At least that´s the claim of Thailand´s Anantara hotels, which refines its own beans at its m...
2012-10-12   Chiang Rai, Thailand Category: misc

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