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Twycross Zoo prepares to welcome baby elephant
Twycross Zoo is preparing to welcome its newest addition with one of its elephants nearly ready to give birth. First-time mother Tara, a 13-year-old Asian elephant at the zoo, is being monitored with video cameras around the ...
2012-02-17   Twycross, United Kingdom Category: birth

From Flat Foot to Fat Foot: Structure, Ontogeny, Function, and Evolution of Elephant “Sixth Toes”
Our survey shows that basal proboscideans were relatively “flat-footed” (plantigrade), whereas early elephantiforms evolved the more derived “tip-toed” (subunguligrade) morphology, including the predigits and fat pad,...
2011-12-24   London, United Kingdom Category: abstract

Excitement over twin elephant calf at Howletts
A baby elephant whose twin died has been causing excitement at the Kent wild animal park where he was born. The as-yet-unnamed male was born to mother Masa following a 22-month pregnancy at Howletts, near Canterbury. The Afri...
2011-01-31   Kent, United Kingdom Category: birth

The 8,500 Pound Question: What happens when a zoo elephant dies?
It was with the sorrow of losing a good friend that staff at the Buffalo Zoo said goodbye last month to Buki, the 52-year-old elephant who died on September 28. By all accounts, the 8,500-pound pachyderm, lauded for her intel...
2009-10-14   Buffalo, United States Category: death

Throughout history, elephants have been thought of as `different'. Shakespeare, and even Aristotle, described them as walking on inflexible column-like legs. And this myth persists even today. Which made John Hutchinson from ...
2008-08-24   London, United Kingdom Category: research

Ice Age Ivory Carving Discovered
It was a cool afternoon. A small gathering of people assembled at the Swabian village Stetten ob Lontal, in Germany. They waited for a guided trip to Vogelherd Cave. It cannot be called a real cave, like one that allows you t...
2008-08-19   Stetten ob Lontal, Germany Category: fossil

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