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Linnaeus's Asian elephant was wrong species
Linnaeus dubbed the species Elephas maximus, which is now commonly known as the Asian elephant. He recognized just one species of elephant in the world, and this would be its archetype. In some ways, the specimen looked more ...
2013-11-04   Stockholm, Sweden Category: taxonomy

be yazim ki
The Pinnawala Zoological Gardens, being constructed in close proximity to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, is being readied for an end 2013 opening. An extent of 44 acres has been set apart for the zoo, the first phase of wh...
2013-03-19   Pinnawala, Sri Lanka Category: zoo

Sri Lankan ivory carvings from the Dutch period at Francesca Galloway in London
Amongst the objects on show will be a rare and important Anglo-Indian writing cum dressing table from Raynham Hall, Norfolk. Vizagapatam ivory inlaid furniture from the late 17th and first half of the 18th century was the exc...
2011-11-05   London, United Kingdom Category: trade

Field days for wild elephants in Kekirawa
The prowling of wild elephants in villages and paddy fields in the Kekirawa area has increased after the harvesting season. However cultivation in the Maha season has not been possible owing to a severe drought.
2010-10-27   Kekirawa, Sri Lanka Category: conflict

Pouches, pockets and sacs in the heads, necks and chests of mammals, part II: elephants have a pouch in the throat... or do they?
Many people have reported elephants (both Asian and African) to reach into the mouth with the trunk and withdraw water. The elephants then spray this water over themselves (particularly their ears) to keep cool. The quantity ...
2010-10-12   Portsmouth, United Kingdom Category: blog

Revisiting "The Gathering" of elephants at Minneriya National Park
The “Gathering” is one of the most unique wildlife spectacles in Asia, where during the months of May to September, large numbers of wild elephants - 150 or more - gather around the banks of the Minneriya reservoir or tan...
2010-08-09   Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka Category: wild

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