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MUST READ ARTICLE: The elephant dilemma. By following the sound science, Nepal could lead Asia in tourism best practice
According to science, neither is there any moral high ground to be gained by not riding elephants. Studies show that rides are not necessarily a problem provided they are done the right way, in the right terrain and with the ...
2020-10-04   Kathmandu, Nepal Category: conservation

The rate of human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka has increased exponentially in recent years. The highest number of human-elephant conflicts since 1948 was recorded in 2019, with 405 elephants and 121 humans reported dead, ,â...
2020-10-02   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: conflict

6 leading activists, conservationists and scientists: Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan Age: 30, Wildlife researcher, Elephant Conservationist
Vijayakrishnan developed an academic interest in elephants. He initially wanted to get a degree in forestry, but realised it would lead to more of an administrative job. The book, Elephant Days And Nights: Ten Years With The ...
2020-10-01   Bangalore, India Category: people

Deforestation pushes elephants from Chhattisgarh to Madhya Pradesh, increasing conflict
Elephants have migrated from Chhattisgarh to Madhya Pradesh primarily because of deforestation in their habitat. About 50 villages near Bandhavgarh National Park in M.P. are affected by an increased presence of elephants. E...
2020-09-28   Bhopal, India Category: conflict

Nepal: Newly issued 1,000-rupee banknotes include depiction of twin Asian elephants
the committee decided a depiction of Ram and Lakshman, twin Asian elephants born on the 7th November 2008, in Chitwan National Park, should replace the previous and incorrect image.
2020-08-26   Katmandu, Nepal Category: pictures

Rare Baby Elephant Twins Spotted in Sri Lankan National Park
On Wednesday, July 8, a pair of baby elephants were spotted in the Sri Lankan national park, and officials speculate that they are a rare set of twins. They estimate that the young tuskers are three to four weeks old, feeding...
2020-07-09   Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka Category: wild

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