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Once seen as loners, male elephants shown to follow elders
A new study shows that teenage males aren't anti-social after all. Younger male elephants were seen tagging along behind older males as they travel from place to place. It's more evidence in an emerging body of research that ...
2020-09-03   Washington, United States Category: research

Linnaeus's Asian elephant was wrong species
Linnaeus dubbed the species Elephas maximus, which is now commonly known as the Asian elephant. He recognized just one species of elephant in the world, and this would be its archetype. In some ways, the specimen looked more ...
2013-11-04   Stockholm, Sweden Category: taxonomy

WSU prof was right: Mastodon weapon was older than thought, scientists say
For years, scientists dismissed Carl Gustafson´s claims that a pierced mastodon bone found in Sequim in 1977 was evidence that humans were hunting large mammals in North America 13,800 years ago. For almost 35 years, hi...
2011-10-31   Seattle, United States Category: fossil

13,800-year-old mastodon kill site in Washington: New window on lives of first Americans
Other scientists scoffed when Carl Gustafson claimed that Stone Age people were hunting mastodons 14,000 years ago in the Northwest, a millennium before the appearance of the Clovis-style stone tools widely regarded as the si...
2011-10-20   Washington, United States Category: misc

Bob Norris: The Marlboro Man, The Cowboy, the Elephant, the Corporate Raider, and the Cold War
If a Hollywood casting agent sent over the quintessential rancher, you’d get Bob Norris, the original owner of the Oldachs’ home. He’s possibly better known as the Marlboro Man — but that is the least interesting role...
2010-09-07   Colorado Springs, United States Category: people

The East Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission Foundation is looking for private donations to help fund projects such as a new running track, a boathouse for City Park and a new elephant exhibit at the Baton Rouge Zoo.
2009-04-26   Baton Rouge, United States Category: facility

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