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DR Congo intensifies fight against Ivory trafficking
Since being fingered as one of the countries promoting illegal trade in Ivory, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has vowed tost rengthened the struggle against the trade. To date, more than 11 tonnes of Ivory, seized fro...
2010-07-19   Kinshasa, Congo Category: smuggle

The Mammoths in Spain Lived Mainly on the Plains
As strange as it might seem, the living African and Asian elephants are only the remnants of what was once a very diverse array of proboscideans. In the not-too-distant past elephants and their closest relatives occupied Afri...
2009-10-29   New Jersey, United States Category: evolution

Six novel gammaherpesviruses of Afrotheria provide insight into the early divergence of the Gammaherpesvirinae.
The Afrotheria represent an early branching of placental mammals. Only two herpesviruses from Afrotheria have been previously identified, and the genus Proboscivirus in the subfamily Betaherpesvirinae has been proposed for th...
2008-03-18   Gainesville, United States Category: abstract

Over 2,000 delegates to attend CITES meet
The Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Reserves (SCENR) yesterday announced its decision to host the Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Doha....
2008-02-28   Doha, Qatar Category: conference

DNA Extracted From Woolly Mammoth Hair
Attacking several tons of woolly mammoth with stone-tipped spears must have taken extraordinary courage — and ancient people left paintings to prove they did it. Now, scientists are approaching mammoths in a different way, ...
2007-09-27   Los Angeles, United States Category: fossil

Oldest DNA ever decoded. Science makes DNA breakthrough in the tooth of a mastodon. A fossilised tooth found in a swamp has allowed scientists to work out the DNA of a primitive North American elephan...
Scientists have worked out part of the genetic structure of the mastodon, a giant primitive elephant, after finding DNA preserved in the fossilised tooth of a beast that died up to 130,000 years ago. The creature is thought t...
2007-07-22   London, United Kingdom Category: fossil

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