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Buttonwood Park Zoo: No more elephants after Emily and Ruth
Emily and Ruth, Buttonwood Park Zoo’s beloved elephants, are staying put permanently but they will be the last of their kind to live in the West End wildlife park, Director of Zoo­logicial Services Keith Lovett said. “Tr...
2013-06-15   New Bedford, United States Category: zoo

Letter: Buttonwood's elephants are already in sanctuary
A well-meaning animal rights activist from out of state, Deborah Robinson, and her organization, have had at least four, if not more, letters published in this paper suggesting that our elephants, Emily and Ruth, be sent to a...
2012-01-06   New Bedford, United States Category: misc

New Bedford zoo unveils expansion plan
New Bedford´s Buttonwood Park Zoo wants to expand, bring in new animals and become more self sufficient. Zoo management says their $12 million draft master plan unveiled this week would add four acres, making room for a...
2010-09-26   New Bedford, United States Category: facility

Buttonwood Park Zoo's master plan would maintain vital accreditation
Zoo officials are proposing a multimillion-dollar renovation to upgrade the elephant exhibit and add new Asian-themed exhibits at the Buttonwood Park Zoo, improvements that officials said are needed to maintain the zoo´...
2010-07-11   New Bedford, United States Category: facility

Former Benson's elephant draws fans at Mass. zoo
Elephants never forget anything – including where to find your wallet. Those who work at Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, Mass., know to keep an eye on their pockets when they're around Ruth, a 7,200-pound Asian elephant...
2009-10-25   New Bedford, United States Category: misc

Dr. Bill Langbauer on everything elephant
You may have seen the story recently about a 48-year-old elephant in Thailand named Motala who lost part of her leg ten years ago to a landmine. She has just become the second elephant in the world fitted with an artificial l...
2009-09-20   New Bedford, United States Category: film

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