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Bowmanville Zoo: will they replace Limba?
On Tuesday, as zoo staff mourned, Hackenberger told the Star he couldn’t say whether Limba would be replaced. “At this point I’m dealing exclusively with Limba, so I don’t know. Anyone anywhere in the world, as long a...
2013-12-04   Bowmanville, Canada Category: facility

Elephant Limba dies at Bowmanville Zoo
Limba, a beloved elephant at the Bowmanville Zoo, has died. The zoo confirmed that she was euthanized at 12:34 a.m. on Tuesday. Limba was walking through the zoo and on the flood plain on Monday, the zoo said, but became very...
2013-12-03   Bowmanville, Canada Category: death

Bowmanville elephant might be too sick to be in Santa Parade. Beloved Limba from the Bowmanville Zoo may have cancer
Limba, the beloved Bowmanville elephant, has been invited to walk in the Bowmanville Santa Claus parade but she may be too ill to attend. The zoo is about to announce she may have cancer. “Our number-one commitment has alwa...
2013-11-13   Bowmanville, Canada Category: medical

ARAs Facebook event made Elephant Limba excluded from Bowmanville parade
A Facebook event shows that a group was planning to form a human blockade to stop the elephant from being part of the procession, and the parade’s organizing committee was concerned about what could happen if protester...
2013-11-05   Bowmanville, Canada Category: event

Animal lover fears Toronto’s elephants risk infection at their new home
While many activists are applauding the decision by Toronto City Council to move the Toronto Zoo’s elephants to a California sanctuary, one animal lover warns it might not be in the best interest of the pachyderms. Michael...
2012-01-16   Toronto, Canada Category: medical

Elephant walk in Bowmanville
Limba the elephant took a walk down Bowmanville streets today for a good cause, publicizing the upcoming MS Walk on April 18. The Asiatic elephant, who calls Bowmanville Zoo home, walked down Highway 2 to Liberty Street from ...
2010-03-28   Bowmanville, Canada Category: misc

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