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Out of work from coronavirus, these elephants pack their trunks and head home
The millions thrown out of work in Thailand by the coronavirus include elephants dependent on tourist money to feed their voracious appetites. With scant numbers of foreign visitors, commercial elephant camps and sanctuaries ...
2020-05-06   Bngkok, Thailand Category: relocation

Baby elephant arrives at Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne Zoo´s baby elephant brood is growing, with a half-brother for Mali arriving after a difficult and dangerous four-day labour. Kulab´s massive 142-kilogram baby was born on Friday morning after a 22-month ...
2010-09-10   Melbourne, Australia Category: birth

Vet awaits big day - the birth of an elephant
In 20 YEARS as a vet, Michael Lynch has delivered baby cows, giraffes, bison, zebras, gorillas and meerkats. All being well, he is about to assist at his first elephant birth - also Melbourne Zoo's first - and says it will to...
2009-12-04   Melbourne, Australia Category: birth

Bong Su the elephant is set to become a father
Bong Su, the elephant responsible for impregnating Melbourne Zoo's new mother Kulab, now could father dozens of calves across the globe after keepers developed a method of exporting his sperm, thanks to the donation of a sper...
2009-02-21   Melbourne Zoo, Australia Category: film

Melbourne Zoo celebrates second elephant pregnancy
An elephant breeding program at the Melbourne Zoo has had another success, with the announcement of a second pregnancy. Kulab, a 10-year-old Asian elephant, has been artificially inseminated and will give birth next spring. T...
2009-02-19   Melbourne, Australia Category: birth

Melbourne Zoo's super-stud could help save species
A TEAM of researchers working at Melbourne Zoo believes new techniques for freezing elephant sperm will prove the breakthrough the endangered species needs. And the zoo's super-stud Bong Su — a 34-year-old bull regarded as ...
2008-11-25   Melbourne, Australia Category: research

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