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Wild Elephants Spotted Foraging for Food in Trash Dump Encroaching on Their Land in Sri Lanka
Photographer Tharmaplan Tilaxan of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, captured a series of snapshots that document the large wild animals sifting through an open-area landfill located next to a nearby jungle.
2020-10-01   Colombo, Sri Lanka Category: wild

Audubon Zoo's Asian elephant turns 50
How do you slice a birthday cake for elephants? You don´t - the elephant honoree gets an entire cake. At least, that´s what the Audubon Zoo did Thursday for Panya´s 50th birthday. The Asian elephant got one ...
2014-01-16   Audubon, United States Category: event

ShowMe Elephants: Tom Packs Elephants
The Tom Packs Elephants were considered the best trained elephant act of its time. Trained by elephant master Mac MacDonald, they represented the epitome of class and skill throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s. Originally ...
2010-10-06   St. Louis, United States Category: blog

Researcher puts elephants to the test
Im right in the middle of running an elephant. Can you call back in like half an hour?" Michael Rowe pocketed his cell phone and returned full attention to clicking off Jean's paces. It was after hours at the Audubon Zoo _ on...
2008-10-25   New Orleans, United States Category: research

Tunica mastodon loses tooth
Recently, high water flushed a bear out of the woods, and now Angola has another significant discovery: a mastodon tooth found by Lt. Col. Joe Norwood on family property in the Tunica Hills near the penitentiary. LSU paleonto...
2008-05-15   Tunica Hills , Angola Category: fossil

The animals are mistreated. The executive director is getting rich. Privatization has failed the San Francisco Zoo.
IN EARLY 1997, the San Francisco Zoo had a serious public-relations problem. The zoo wanted San Francisco voters to approve a $48 million bond measure to overhaul the facilities. But the Asian elephant exhibit was making the ...
2008-01-09   San Francisco, United States Category: zoo

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